VBM Science Ltd. has been founded in 2011 and is consulting, sales and project 
based innovative firm that helps companies grow their businesses, in life sciences, 
food safety, clinical and other mass spectrometry related market segments of interest.   

Dr. Dragan Vuckovic is the Founder and President. He has spent over 35 years 
in research, scientific management, business development, sales and mass spectrometry.

Prior to founding VBM Science, he was the founding Director and Vice President of Ionics 
Mass Spectrometry Group. Additionally, he has vast experience in other industry areas, 
as well as academic research experience in Physical Chemistry and mass spectrometry, 
like at York University in Toronto, or University of Belgrade,  in the Institute of Nuclear 
Sciences - Vinca. During his time at the Institute for Nuclear Sciences, he also served as 
a Chairman of the Department of Chemistry, and Scientific Director of the Institute.

Dr. Dragan Vuckovic has a Ph. D. in Theoretical Physical Chemistry form University of Belgrade, 
as well as two postdoctoral experiences at Cornell University (with Prof. Roald Hoffmann), and 
University of Erlangen in Germany (with Prof. Paul von Rauge Schleyer). 

He has more than 30 scientific papers, many oral and poster presentations in the field of 
Theoretical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry and Business Development and Sales. 

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